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3" Vent


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Chute Doctor Auto Cleaning System

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Western Chutes® is the most flexible manufacturer in the industry. If you want it, we'll make it. When it comes to convenient and user-friendly accessories, we have them all. The following are some of the more popular options.

OPTIONAL VENTING: While the NFPA recommends the chute vent full size through the roof, most building codes allow you to reduce the size of the vent, down to 3" diameter if you like, providing the ability to easily shift the location. Venting horizontally through walls with louvers or caps is also available, as is powered ventilators.

SOUND DAMPENING: With every square foot of useable floor space at a premium more and more chutes are being located next to and inside living spaces. Western Chutes® offers sound control options ranging from our standard asphalt based sound coating and Korfund isolation pads to 1/4" thick mastic sound coatings and high-tech isolators.

OFFSETS: While the best chute is plumb, without offsets (bends), sometimes they just can't be avoided. Our offsets are manufactured of #12ga Satin Coat Galvanized Steel (far superior to others #13ga Aluminized Steel) and are available with an additional #12ga or heavier impact plate in heavy use applications. Structural steel support systems ensure a long lasting system.

LIMITED ACCESS: All of our intake doors are available with keyed alike or master keyed cylinder locks for applications where you must limit access to the chute doors.

INTAKE DOOR ELECTRICAL INTERLOCKS: Western Chutes® leads the industry once again with the new PLC controlled electrical interlock system. This system not only allows only one door open at a time, it bypasses doors which are not functioning automatically, allows for complete system lock-out from the trash room below, interfaces with trash compactors to lock out the chute when the compactor is full or at fault, interfaces with Chute Doctor cleaning systems to lock the doors during cleaning, interfaces with heat/smoke sensors and alarms to lock the chute and can be connected to just about any piece of electrical equipment you can think of. We've also eliminated those nasty relay switches at each door and replaced them with fault free magnetic switches. It's the interlock system you have always wanted but couldn't have.

THRU-WALL INTAKE DOORS: Chute intake doors can be furnished with thru-wall sleeves to permit collection of rubbish or linen in single floor buildings or on first floor access to chute discharge room.

CLEAN & HEALTHY: The smell of rotting trash is the smell of unhealthful bacteria. Our "Chute Doctor" cleaning and odor control systems ensure your chute is clean and odor free. From the basic addition of a sanitizing wash down unit at the top of the chute to the Chute Doctor multi-head disinfecting system and Chute Doctor patented bacteria killing odor control system, we can design a system that's right for your building and your budget.

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