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Superior Materials
Western Chutes® are all made from #16ga satin coat galvanized steel, which is far better than the #18ga or higher aluminized steel others may push. They're also available in Stainless Steel.

Durable Construction
To ensure your chute the longest life available we build only the finest equipment. No rivets, bolts or other protrusions project into the chute riser. All vertical joints are continuously welded for maximum strength. Each floor has a fully supported integral expansion joint.

Low Impact Throat Design
Our double slope throat design ensures the largest clear opening at the intake while reducing the possibility of damage from the impact of falling material to a minimum.

Advanced Intake Door Design
All doors are UL "B" labeled 1-1/2 hour 250º for both masonry and drywall installation and have a clean Stainless Steel finish with embossed trim. All bottom hinged doors hinge on a 5" steel shaft with friction free bearings. All our doors are built field adjustable, allowing easier installation.

Handicap Accessible Doors
All Western Chute intake doors are available in an ADA compliant configuration utilizing lever handles and slow closing hydraulic closer systems.

Fire Rated Discharge Doors
Unlike others who only offer type "A" non-rated horizontal discharge doors, Western Chutes® leads the industry with the model "AC" UL "B" labeled 1-1/2 hour fire rated horizontal discharge. Don't settle for "B label Construction" (your inspector won't) when building codes require a legal rated discharge door.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers
155º automatic sprinklers are STANDARD on all Western Chutes® located out of the flow of materials protected by a shield and are accessible through the intake door for inspection and service.

Clean & Odor Free
Every chute includes a flushing spray head located just above the top intake door and each chute joint is designed to contain the water inside the chute. Western Chutes' "Chute Doctor®" automatic cleaning and sanitizing system ensures your chute will stay clean and healthy. Add our patented odor control systems and you'll never have to worry about the odor and disease found in other manufacturer's chutes.


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