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The fire and life safety of your building and occupants rests on your selection of the proper fire rated discharge door. Both the building codes and the NFPA require all shafts to be protected with fire rated doors. This includes the bottom of the chute. Don’t be fooled by other manufacturer’s statements that their type “A” discharge is of “fire rated construction.” It doesn’t matter how it’s constructed, to be fire rated it must bear a UL LABEL. Western Chutes® type “AC” horizontal discharge door and type “H” vertical hopper style are both 1-1/2 hour UL “B” labeled doors meeting all the code requirements and recommendations of the NFPA.

NFPA #82 Recommendation excerpt: 3-2.2.9 Chute Discharge Doors. Gravity chutes shall be constructed so that the base opening of the chute or shaft, or both, shall be protected by an approved automatic-closing or self-closing 1-hour fire door suitable for a Class B opening.




"AC" Discharge
The model “AC” accordion style discharge is Western Chutes’ latest innovation brought to market. The only type of FIRE RATED horizontal discharge door in the industry, the model “AC” is used where the collection bin, cart or compactor is located beneath the chute. This allows for a free flow of material without creating an impact point, eliminating clogging of the chute. This door, like all chute discharge doors, is held open with a fusible link, which allows the door to close when the ambient temperature reaches 165º to protect the structure and occupants. This door is available on chutes measuring up to 36" round or square.




"H" Discharge
The model “H” discharge is used where building conditions dictate a change of direction for material to pass through a wall. The hopper sides and top are fabricated of the same material as the chute (typically #16ga Satin Coat Galvanized Steel) with the bottom being fabricated of #12ga for superior impact resistance. The hopper is supported on a structural steel, all welded angle, iron four-post frame (compared to balancing on a single 2" pipe as others do). All hopper discharges have a 2" drain connection at the low point and are equipped with a top hinged spring counter-balanced door with a fusible link hold open and a cam latch at the bottom allowing the door to be closed during wash down. This door is also UL 11/2 hour 250º “B” labeled and is rated at 250ºf temperature rise in 30 minutes. Additional #12ga reinforcing plates are available for high impact applications. This discharge is available for chutes up to 36" in diameter.




"A" Discharge
Western Chutes® continues to offer this old standard for use in NON-RATED applications only. While the door is of “Rated Construction,” this 1" pan style door is mounted with wheels on an inclined steel track and is held open with a 165º fusible link. This door IS NOT designed for use as a shut off gate and is only offered for those die-hards with non-rated applications wanting to spend twice the money as they would on a fire rated “AC” discharge door. Western also offers the type “O” (for open end) discharge where the chute is left raw, open on the end, for connection to incinerators or other applications where no discharge door is required.



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