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The natural selection of the more prolific and the stronger due to their better adaptation to their environment.

From Wilkinson Company, Ca. to Wilkinson & Buchanan, Inc. to Buchanan Company, Inc., Western Chutes® is the next step in evolution.

Western Chutes® began in 1980 with the dreams and goals of the ambitious 23-year-old Jim Buchanan Jr. to be the leading manufacturer, distributor, installer and servicer of rubbish and linen chutes in the country. To that end, Wilkinson Company, Ca. was formed as a partnership of Jim Buchanan Sr., well known in the construction industry as the president of the now 70 year old Buchanan Company, and Jim Buchanan Jr.

With Jim Jr. at the helm, Wilkinson Company, Ca. flourished in the 80¡¯s and 90¡¯s, growing the market from the Los Angeles and Orange County region to include all of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Baja California, making the names "Wilkinson" and "Jim Buchanan" synonymous as the construction industry¡¯s preferred supplier and installer of chutes and compactors in the western states. The industries¡¯ most innovative ideas, such as the PLC controlled Chute Doctor cleaning system, adjustable intake doors, ADA compliant doors, fire rated horizontal discharge doors, patented odor control systems and fabricating of Satin Coat Galvanized materials, were developed by Jim Jr., ensuring that the company continued to evolve as the leading supplier of chute goods and services.

In 1996, Jim Jr. became the 3rd generation president of the family business, Buchanan Company, Inc. Not wanting to lose any of the outstanding name recognition both companies had earned, the companies were brought together under the name ¡°„Wilkinson & Buchanan, Inc.¡°ņ and they continued to grow, adapt and evolve. During this period, the Ohio manufacturing facility was sold to Hi-Rise Recycling Inc., and in ending our formal affiliation with that facility, Wilkinson & Buchanan, Inc. further evolved into Buchanan Company, Inc.

To meet our customers¡¯ need for the highest quality product, coupled with the customer service, knowledge and experience they¡¯ve come to expect from the Buchanans, Western Chutes® was formed. Western Chutes® manufactures the same high quality products our customers expect with even better support and lead times, as well as lower cost! Western Chutes®, Western Compactors, The Chute Doctor® and ChuteParts.com are all divisions of Buchanan Company Inc. and carry the Buchanan¡¯s commitment to provide only the highest quality products and services at a fair price. We look forward to working with you.

The Western Chutes® Team


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