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With more and more federal and state recycling mandates being enacted requiring source sorting, designers are searching for cost effective space saving methods of complying with local mandates. Western Chutes® has the solution. From low-tech strategic placement of recyclable collection containers on the ground to multi-chute and electronic diverter systems, we can design the best method for your project. Below are just a few of the options available.



Multiple Chutes
The most basic system available for source sorting in multi story projects is to use multiple chutes. We start with our standard rubbish chute and add to it additional chutes to provide the number of sorts required. Some municipalities require only two sorts, rubbish and mixed recyclables. Others may require newsprint, cans, or glass to be sorted. With multiple chutes you can provide a simple, low maintenance, low-tech, low cost system.



When floor space is at a premium, Western’s Multi-Chute is the answer. Handling up to three sorts, the multi-chute is a single chute with dividers running the length of the chute. Open the door and there are separate compartments for the waste and two recyclables. At the bottom of the chute the two outside sections are offset away from the center allowing each to fall into its own bin or compactor. The Western Chutes® Multi-Chute is also easily retrofitted into existing chute spaces when remodeling requires source sorting at existing buildings.




For applications where you need the capacity of a full size chute for each type of material but don’t have the space for multiple chutes, Western Chutes’ Multi-Sorter is the answer. This computer-controlled system utilizes multiple push buttons at the intake doors allowing the user to select the type of waste to be deposited. At the bottom of the chute is a Multi-Sorter which diverts the waste to the appropriate bin. This system is available for two or three sorts and can be interfaced with a compactor. With optional sensors, when a container is full, the system can shut down and notify maintenance. The Multi-Sorter is also fully programmable, providing for time-restricted operation.


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